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Current News: 07/30/14 (Click HERE for Archived News):
  • Place brick orders by August 30 in order to have inscription complete for KC-Trenton ribbon-cutting
  • The Sun over Austria
  • Clinton County Free and Reduced Lunch
  • Trenton mayor urges patience, planning going forward with downtown rehab
  • Wesclin bell rings August 18
  • Wesclin ed fund loses $516k in FY2014
  • Time Marches On
  • Tebbe - Obit
  • Markus - Obit
  • Horstmann - Obit
  • Davis - Obit
  • Pier - Obit
  • Wobbe - Obit
  • Falbe - Obit

  • Place brick orders by August 30 in order to have inscription complete for KC-Trenton ribbon-cutting

    The brick paver plaza at the entrance to the newly expanded and renovated Kaskaskia College Trenton Education Center.

    The Kaskaskia College Trenton Education Center steering committee is nearing its fundraising goal as it strives to match college funds to pay for the renovation and expansion of the local community college extension.

    To date, the community has raised more than $1.1 million to expand the facility, with Kaskaskia College making a $1.6 million commitment.

    As part of the final push to put the fundraising campaign over the top, the committee encourages local residents and businesses to consider purchasing inscribed pavers to be placed in a brick plaza at the entrance of the education center.

    Pavers are available in 4-inch by 8-inch or 8-inch square sizes, for $150 and $300 respectively. Four by eight pavers will hold three lines of 12 to 13 characters each; eight-inch square pavers will hold six lines.

    Pavers can be inscribed to advertise a business or organization, to memorialize a loved one, to honor someone special, or simply to pronounce one's support of education and the benefits of having a community college presence here. If you would like for your paver to be inscribed before the dedication of the facility this fall, please place your order by August 30.

    For more information on the paver program, or to purchase a brick, contact Mike Conley at 224-9422 (days) in Trenton or call Suzanne Christ, Kaskaskia College's director of institutional advancement, at 545-3069. An advertisement in this week's Sun includes an order form.

    The Sun over Austria

    Jim, Cherie and Ceara Hill took a copy of The Sun with them on a recent trip to Europe. Here, the Hills survey Austria from the top of the Zugspitz, the highest point on the Alps, 9,817 feet above sea level.

    Clinton County Free and Reduced Lunch

    Keri J. Garrett, Regional Superintendent of Schools for Clinton, Marion and Washington Counties, announced the policy for free and reduced price meals and free milk for those students unable to pay the full price for meals or milk under the National School Lunch, School Breakfast and Special Milk Program (available only to students enrolled in split session kindergarten programs) for the schools in Clinton County: Carlyle Community Unit District #1, Wesclin Community Unit District #3, Breese Elementary District #12, St. Rose Elementary District #14/15, Aviston Elementary District #21, Willow Grove Elementary District #46, Bartelso Elementary District #57, Germantown Elementary District #60, Damiansville Elementary District #62, Albers Elementary District #63, Central Community High School District #71, North Wamac Elementary District #186, All Saints Academy and Trinity Lutheran School, Hoffman. Schools participating in the special milk program are indicated below with an asterisk*.

    The household size and income criteria will be used for determining eligibility:

    Family Income Family Income
    Free Meals 7/1/14 – 6/30/15 Reduced Price Meals 7/1/14 –6/30/15
    Size Year Month Week Size Year Month Week
    1 $15,171 $1,265 $292 1 $21,590 $1,800 $416
    2 $20,449 $1,705 $394 2 $29,101 $2,426 $560
    3 $25,727 $2,144 $495 3 $36,612 $3,051 $705
    4 $31,005 $2,584 $589 4 $44,123 $3,677 $849
    5 $36,283 $3,024 $690 5 $51,634 $4,303 $993
    6 $41,561 $3,464 $790 6 $59,145 $4,929 $1,138
    7 $46,839 $3,904 $891 7 $66,656 $5,555 $1,282
    8 $52,117 $4,344 $1,003 8 $74,167 $6,181 $1,427

    Each Additional Member Add: Each Additional Member Add:
    +$5,278 +$440 +$102 +$7,511 +$626 +$145

    Children from households that meet federal guidelines are eligible for free or reduced price meals or free milk.

    All meals served must meet the U.S. Department of Agriculture meal requirements. However, if a child has been determined by a doctor to have a disability and the disability would prevent the child from eating the regular school meal, your school will make substitutions prescribed by the doctor. If a substitution is needed, there will be no extra charge for the meal. If you believe your child needs substitutions because of a disability, please get in touch with local school for further information.

    Application forms are being sent to all homes with a letter to parents or guardians. To apply for free or reduced price benefits, households must complete the application as soon as possible, sign it and return it to the school. Households should answer all applicable questions on the form. An application which does not contain all the required information cannot be processed and approved by the school. The required information is:

    FOOD STAMP/TANF HOUSEHOLDS: If a household currently received Food Stamps or "Temporary Assistance for Needy Families" (TANF) for their child(ren), they only have to list the child(ren)'s name and Food Stamp or TANF case number and sign the application. Link card numbers cannot be used.

    ALL OTHER HOUSEHOLDS: If a household's income is at or below the level shown on the income scale, children are eligible for either free or reduced price meals or free milk. Households must provide the following information: (1) the names of all household members, (2) the social security number of the adult household member signing the application, or the word "non" if the adult does not have a social security number, (3) the amount of income each household member received last month, where it comes from (wages, child support, etc.) and (4) the signature of an adult household member.

    The information on the application may be verified by school or other officials at any time during the school year.

    Households may apply for benefits at any time during the school year. Households that are not eligible now but have a decrease in household income, an increase in household size, or a household member that becomes unemployed, should fill out an application at that time.

    In certain cases foster children are eligible for free or reduced-price meal services or free milk household income. Households that have foster children living with them and wish to apply for free or reduced-price for meal services or free milk for them should complete the application. Homeless, migrant and runaway youth are categorically eligible for free meals.

    In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, and Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue SW, Washington, D.C. 20250-9410 or call (800) 795-3272 or (202) 720-6282 (TTY). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

    Under provisions of the policy each school has designated an official who will review applications and determine eligibility. The name of the official for each school is: Carlyle District #1 – Amy Becker, Bookkeeper; Wesclin District #3 – Paul Tockstein, Business Manager; Breese District #12 – Kerrick Rahm, Principal, Melanie Becker, Principal; *St. Rose District #14/15 – Denise Burrus, Secretary; Aviston District #21 – Karla Fuehne, Bookkeeper; Willow Grove District #46 – Diane Burris, Secretary; Bartelso District #57 – Sharon Schulte, Bookkeeper; Germantown District #60 – Michelle Finan, Secretary; Damiansville District #62 – Katie Caraker, Admn. Asst.; Albers District #63 – Janel Zurliene, Bookkeeper; Central High School District #71 – Chris Shumard, Admn. Asst.; North Wamac District #186 – Diane Arnold, Secretary; All Saints Academy – Pat Huene, Admin. Asst.; and Trinity Lutheran, Hoffman – Rita Tyberendt, Secretary.

    Households dissatisfied with the ruling of the official may wish to discuss the decision with the school. Households also have the right to a hearing. This can be done by calling or writing the following official: Carlyle District#1 – Joe Novsek, Supt., 1400 Thirteenth, Carlyle, 594-8283; Wesclin District #3 – Jennifer Filyaw, Supt., 10003 State Rte. 160, Trenton; 224-7583; Breese District #12 – Mike Toeben, Supt., 777 Memorial Dr., Breese, 526-7128; St. Rose District #14/15 – Dr. Patricia Cornell, Supt., 18004 St. Rose Rd., St. Rose, 526-7484 ext. 223; Aviston District #21 – Lisa Niemeyer, Asst. P'pal, 350 S. Hull St., Aviston, 228-7245; Willow Grove District#46 – Dave Fults, Supt., 815 W. 7th St., Centralia, 532-3313; Bartelso District #57 – R. Dane Gale, Supt., P.O. Box 267, Bartelso, 765-2164; Germantown District #60 – Robin Becker, Supt., P.O. Box 400, Germantown, 523-4253; Damiansville District #62 – Kevin Junk, Supt., 101 E. Main St., Damiansville, 248-5188; Albers District #63 – Jeff Humes, Supt., P.O. Box 104, Albers, 248-5146; Central District #71 – Kent Jones, P'pal, 7740 Old US Hwy. 50, Breese, 526-4578; North Wamac District #186 – Martha Pennington, Cook, 1500 Case St., Centralia, 532-1826; All Saints Academy – Robin Booth, P'pal, 295 N. Clinton St., Breese, 526-4323; and Trinity Lutheran, Hoffman – Stephen Burger, P'pal, P.O. Box 200, Hoffman, 495-2246.

    Each school and the central office of the district have a copy of the complete policy, which may be reviewed by interested parties.

    Trenton mayor urges patience, planning going forward with downtown rehab

    Trenton city council members on Monday discussed their vision for the future of downtown Trenton, following the suggestion by Ward 2 councilman Dan Kohlbrecher that the city consider installing concrete sidewalks in front of the State Farm Insurance office, the ‘big yellow house' next to CC Food Mart on Broadway.

    There is sidewalk directly in front of the house, but none connecting the expanse of grass between the existing sidewalk and the curb. "My thinking is that with winter coming on, we should probably get that poured so people will have a way to get into the office," Kohlbrecher said. "We spend a lot of time talking about enterprise zones and adding new TIFs (tax increment financing districts), but I think it's important that we take care of our existing businesses." Kohlbrecher suggested the city pour a three-foot strip of concrete parallel to the curb, similar to the layout in the first block of West Broadway, and a connecting sidewalk to the existing concrete.

    Mayor Kyle Jones agreed that a sidewalk is needed in front of the State Farm office, but said he would prefer it be executed as part of an overall plan for downtown. Several downtown ramps for disabled persons no longer meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards; curb repair and replacement is needed; and Jones said on Monday that he would like to take measures to reduce maintenance in the downtown areas.

    "The grassy area between the sidewalk and the curb is technically the city's responsibility," Jones said. "We've been fortunate that the business owners have taken care of it, but I'd like to solve that problem. I think we should eliminate the grass."

    Kohlbrecher asked who would be responsible for sweeping the sidewalks in that case, and also pointed out potential problems with future maintenance of utilities underground if the grassy areas are covered in concrete. Public works lead man Brett Therion confirmed that a water main runs under the grass for several blocks along Broadway.

    "That's a complication," Jones acknowledged.

    As to the State Farm sidewalk, Jones said the city needs to strive for uniformity and make sure that project fits with the overall plan, whatever shape it may take.

    "Part of the problem with what's gone on in this town over the last 60 years is that everything's been done piecemeal," Jones said. "We do just enough to get by. If we do this piece now it may not fit with the overall plan."

    The city council began discussing a downtown upgrade in April, but Jones said planning efforts have not gained traction in part because city administrator Douglas Brimm has been waiting for the results of a study by the Heartlands Conservancy on measures the city can take to make Trenton more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly.

    "I agree that we need a sidewalk in front of State Farm," Jones said. "I just don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves before we know what we want to do overall downtown. We're about to let bids on the Northland Acres project. The wastewater treatment plant is going to demand lots of time. We're going to accept bids for work at the water meter vault at our next meeting. We've got a sewer lining project coming up. I want to make sure we focus on the projects we're doing, and make sure we have sufficient oversight on them. We're going to be stretched pretty thin over the next 10 or 12 weeks."

    In all likelihood, Tax Increment Financing (TIF) fund money will be used to complete the downtown concrete work

    In other business from Monday night's council work session:

    The council will wait at least a month before acting on a sewer lining project that extends several blocks in the northeast quadrant of town. Mayor Jones explained that the city is waiting for recommendations and price estimates from engineers before discussing the project. The project may be divided into sections, or completed as a whole, although Jones said if the cost is reasonable he prefers to line the entire sewer now rather than in pieces.

    Kassen & Sons Excavating is the low bidder on rehabilitation work at the city's water vault, at a price of $37,300, which is within the $40,000 amount the city budgeted for the work. The council is expected to award the contract at its regular voting meeting on Tuesday. The city's water fund will pay for the work.

    There are potential complications with the city's loan to build a new wastewater treatment facility (sewer plant), according to Mayor Jones, which could affect sewer rates or the timing of the plant's construction. "We were told several times by our engineers that we could get 30-year financing," Jones said, "but the EPA (the lending agency) only offers 20-year loans. All our projections are based on a 30-year payback. The EPA will eventually offer a 30-year loan, but we would have to push back our project for a year, which I would rather not do. We could get the money from a local source, but our interest rate would be significantly higher. I don't want to scare anyone, and we'll have a better idea in the near future of what we're facing." Jones said the public works committee will likely have a meeting after more information is available.

    Trenton has submitted the areas it would like to include in an enterprise zone application that is being prepared for several local municipalities and Clinton County by Moran Economic Development. Jones said the city will probably be asked to pare back its proposal since the total area of the zone cannot be more than 15 square miles, which must be shared by all the participating villages and cities.

    Wesclin bell rings August 18

    Wesclin School District will begin the 2014-2015 school year on Monday, August 18. This will be a full day of school with the cafeterias in operation on this day. A district workshop for teachers will be on Thursday, August 14.

    Student Rregistration dates and times are Tuesday, August 5, for grades kindergarten through twelfth grade from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Wednesday, August 6, kindergarten through twelfth grade from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Students in kindergarten through third grade will register at the elementary school in their town. Students in fourth grade through eighth grade will register in the cafeteria at the Middle School. Students in ninth grade through twelfth grade will register in the North gym at the Middle school on the above dates.

    Middle School and High School students will pay fees, receive class schedules and locker assignments and fill out registration forms. Check out our registration forms on the website to speed up your registration process.

    WHS and WMS students New-To-The-District Registration: Students that are new to the middle school and high school may register on August 7, 8 and 11. Middle School students, please call the office at 224-7355 to schedule an appointment.

    Senior high students, please call the high school office at 224-7341 to schedule an appointment with the guidance counselor. Wesclin High School's Guidance Counselor, Sherry Fisher, will be available to meet with new students and parents from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on the above listed days. Students and parents must bring 3 proofs of residency, immunization/health records, birth certificate, a transcript and an Illinois Transfer form (if coming from an Illinois school) and any relevant records from their former school.

    Elementary students New-To-The-District Registration: Elementary students (kindergarten through third grade) new to the Wesclin District may register between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on August 7. New Baden students should go to New Baden Elementary for students in kindergarten through third grade. Trenton students should go to Trenton Elementary for students in kindergarten through third grade.

    Wesclin ed fund loses $516k in FY2014

    The good news is, Wesclin school district's projections for the budget year that ended June 30 were pretty much on target. The bad news is, those projections called for an education fund deficit of more than half a million dollars.

    Wesclin business manager Paul Tockstein reported to the school board last Monday that the fiscal year ended with the district's education fund spending about $516,000 more than revenues. It could have been worse, according to Tockstein, the district received five 'categorical' payments from the state this year, one more than usual to make up for a missing payment from a prior year. "At this point, the state is current with all categorical payments," Tockstein said.

    Without the additional categorical payment, the spending deficit would have been closer to $600,000.

    The education fund is by far the most stressed of all Wesclin accounts. It is also the most important. The education fund pays for teacher, administrative, and support salaries, educational materials, and extracurricular activities, among other expenses. With expenses of nearly $9 million in FY2014, the education fund accounts for nearly 75 percent of the school district's annual budget.

    The rest of the district's funds have comfortable fund balances and more predictable revenue and expense streams.

    The district's building and maintenance fund has a fund balance of about $1.8 million, which includes a $131,799 surplus in FY14.

    Wesclin purchased three school buses in the past fiscal year, accounting for a $93,814 loss in the transportation fund, which maintains a healthy fund balance of about $730,000.

    The district transferred about $125,000 in interest earnings from its working cash fund to the education fund during FY14, drawing down the fund balance to about $1.1 million.

    Wesclin officials reduced property tax levies in the retirement and tort funds in a planned draw down of those accounts. The district can levy any amount it chooses to meet expenses in those funds.

    The education fund, on the other hand, hemorrhaged money for the third consecutive year, even after trustees increased fees and made some cuts at the start of the year. Those measures saved the district between $150,000 and $200,000 in additional deficits during the past fiscal year.

    Even so, the education fund balance carried a balance of just over a million dollars at the end of June, and this year's budget deficit is likely to halve that amount, at least. District officials are still working on the current year's budget, but the state budget does not include any increases in general state aid to school district, and expenses aren't likely to go down absent dramatic action by the school board.

    School districts in Illinois receive state funding from two main sources.

    Districts receive 22 general state aid payments which are based on a number of factors, including student population, property tax levels, poverty rates, and others. Wesclin received about $3.58 million in general state aid in FY2014. General state aid is determined in part by what is called the foundation level of funding, a per-student calculation of the total costs of education. The state pays the difference between the foundation level and the amount local schools can generate through maximizing property tax levies. However, the state has prorated general state aid for the past couple of years. Last year, the state disbursed 89 percent of its share of the foundation level of funding. The state budget promises a similar ratio this year, but with a statewide income tax increase set to expire in December, funding is far from a certainty.

    A separate revenue stream comes once each quarter, in categorical payments for four different purposes: regular transportation spending, special education transportation spending, special education personnel, and special education for students requiring special services. The district's special education expenses far outstrip the revenues it receives through state and federal sources. When state dollars are tight, it is most likely from a political standpoint that any skipped payments will be for categoricals rather than general state aid.

    The school board is likely to approve the fiscal 2015 budget within the next couple of months.

    Time Marches On


    Clarence P. Henss and Miss Clara Koehler of St. Jacob were united in marriage in Highland Tuesday.

    Last Sunday two of our prominent young businessmen were fined $10.85 each for racing their machines on Main Street between Broadway and the B & O railroad tracks.

    Martin Bub left Tuesday for the south part of Texas where he has purchased a farm. J.G. Griesbaum and family will also leave for Texas.

    Ben Dall and Miss Kate Wesselmann were married Tuesday morning in St. Francis Church in Aviston.


    Born to Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Anderhalter, a daughter, last Thursday.

    Ferdinand Becker, a well known citizen of Breese, was drowned in Shoal Creek while swimming. He was a son of Geo. Becker of this city.

    Born to Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Arnoldy of St. Louis a little son. Mrs. Arnoldy is the former Lenore Riemann.

    More than 600 quarts of homebrew, 100 quarts of wine and other cheer giving liquids were seized at six Breese bars by the prohibition officers Saturday afternoon.


    The Trenton Brewery is now in operation and Trenton beer will be on the market in about 60 days.

    Vernon Henss, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Henss, is hospitalized at Highland from severe burns received in an accident Thursday.

    Funeral services for Mrs. Christina Rohr, widow of John Rohr, were held in St. Mary Church Saturday.

    Miss Evelyn Peters was operated for appendicitis at the Breese Hospital Monday.

    Daniel Witt, 73, died at the hospital in Breese following an operation performed last Friday.


    James Ellison and Edna Wibig of St. Louis went to Arkansas where they were united in marriage Saturday.

    Russell Lee was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for heroic achievement at Bougainville Island.

    Elizabeth Bassler, widow of Frank Bassler, died at her home Monday morning one day after her 80th birthday.

    Mrs. Margaret Huber, 64, died at St. Elizabeth Hospital Tuesday morning at the age of 64.


    Henry Bruegge, 72-year-old furniture store operator and undertaker at Breese, died Sunday at the Breese Hospital.

    Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ahle of O'Fallon are announcing the engagement of their daughter, Diane, to Ronald Lawrence.

    Henry Kuhn, 93, Trenton native, died at his home in St. Louis on August 4.


    It is unlawful in Illinois after August 26 to operate an open dump in which garbage is placed. Garbage service is available in Trenton for $1.50 per month.

    Charles J. Buehler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buehler, received a bachelor of science degree from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, with a major in accounting.

    Mr. and Mrs. James Ruth of North Chicago are announcing the birth of a daughter on August 11 at the Great Lakes Naval Station. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Harold Peters of Summerfield and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Huelsmann of Trenton.

    Mrs. Louis Hartman, nee Trippel, died August 6 at the age of 84. She was a native of Trenton.


    Loreen Ziegler, and education professor, was honored Sunday night at her 27 years of service at Eastern Illinois University. She is retiring at the end of the summer term.

    The gala Centennial Weekend in Lebanon will be held August 16 through 18. A special feature will be the Second Annual St. Clair County Heritage Festival of Arts and Crafts.

    Leonard Berberich, 88, of New Baden died July 31. He was a retired city marshal.

    Mrs. Millie Mueller, formerly of Trenton, died August 6 in Arcata, California at the age of 88.


    Dr. Ralph Baer announced the opening of Baer's Animal Clinic beginning Saturday, August 18.

    Paul J. Nanko, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nanko of Trenton, completed U.S. Air Force ROTC field training encampment at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.

    Mary Lou Schwend, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin R. Schwend of Trenton, and Gerald B. Thole, son of Irene Thole of New Baden, were united in marriage on Saturday, June 9.

    A daughter was born to Joseph and Deanna Wilken of Trenton.


    Items totaling about $1,000 were stolen from the Trenton community swimming pool Sunday night, with the burglars likely having picked the locks to the doors or hidden inside the pool house prior to closing.

    Trenton Police Chief Tim Harris presents a check to James Brown of Trenton on behalf of the Highland-Trenton Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 194. The check, in the amount of $250, was presented to Brown as part of the F.O.P.'s scholarship program.

    James and Debra Renspurger of rural Breese are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Tracy, to Nicholas Timmermann, son of Nicholas and Margaret Timmermann of St. Rose.

    Rose Dierkes, 96, of Germantown, died Sunday, July 24, 1994 at Brookside Manor in Centralia.


    Mildred C. Bassler, 83, of Trenton, died Sunday, July 25, 2004 at Cedar Ridge Nursing Home in Lebanon.

    Trenton American Legion Post 778's baseball team is headed for the fifth division playoffs for the first time since 1987, having beaten Centralia in the championship game of the 23rd district west on Monday night.

    New Baden residents dressed in period costumes at the Clinton County Fair Parade to promote next year's 150 year observation.

    Members of Trenton's Chamber of Commerce and Sesquicentennial committee visited the city council's weekly work session on Monday to complain about what they claim are overzealous police tactics that are discouraging visitors to the city.

    Tebbe - Obit

    Mary Ann Tebbe

    Mary Ann R. Tebbe, 84, of St. Rose, died Sunday, July 27, 2014 at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis. She was born in St. Rose April 3, 1930, daughter of Theodore B. and Agnes Henrichs, nee Schrage, and the preceded her. She married Theodore H. "Ted" Tebbe on October 12, 1955 in St. Rose and he died July 13, 2003. Children, grandchildren, siblings, other relatives, and friends survive. Mrs. Tebbe was a homemaker. She was a member of St. Rose Parish and Ladies Sodality, the Daughters of Isabella, and St. Joseph Hospital Auxiliary in Breese. The funeral was this morning (Wednesday) from St. Rose Catholic Church. Memorials to the charity of the donor's choice will be received through Hempen-Nordike Funeral Home in Breese.

    Condolences to

    Markus - Obit

    Andrew Markus

    Andrew F. "Bud" Markus, 93, of Aviston, died Thursday, July 24, 2014 at Countryside Manor in Aviston. He was born in Aviston October 3, 1920, son of Benedict J. and Sophia Markus, nee Hilmes, and they preceded him. He married Bernadine Isert on January 12, 1946 in Highland, and she survives in Aviston. Children, grandchildren, other relatives, and friends survive. Mr. Markus was an original owner of Markus Cabinet in Aviston, where he worked from 1946 until his retirement in 1986. He was a member of St. Francis Parish, and Aviston American Legion Post 1239. He was a veteran of the United States Air Force. The funeral was Monday from St. Francis Catholic Church in Aviston. Burial with military honors at St. Francis Cemetery. Memorials to American Legion Post 1239 or St. Francis Parish will be received through Hempen-Nordike Funeral Home in Aviston.

    Condolences to

    Horstmann - Obit

    Lynn Horstmann

    Lynn H. Horstmann, 40, of Damiansville, died Tuesday, July 22, 2014 in St. Louis. She was born April 11, 1974 in Belleville, daughter of Leander and Florence Horstmann, nee Brandmeyer. Her mother survives in Damiansville. Also surviving are her daughter, Scarlett Catanzaro; brothers and sisters Norman (Rosann) Horstmann, Steve (Cheetah) Horstmann, Sharon (Garry) Kalmer, Shirley (Dave) Albers, and Ron (friend Chris Rensing) Horstmann, all of Damiansville, Nancy Horstmann of Portland, Oregon, and Debi (Sean) Howard of Las Vegas, Nevada; a dear friend and Scarlett's father, Joe Catanzaro of O'Fallon; other relatives, and friends. Ms. Horstmann was a Social Worker at SSM St. Mary's Hospital in Clayton. She earned her degree from McKendree University in Lebanon. There was a memorial service on Saturday at St. Damian Catholic Church in Damiansville. Private interment at a later date. Memorials to an education trust fund set up for Scarlet Catanzaro can be sent to Scott Credit Unition, 712 US Highway 50, O'Fallon, 62269.

    Condolences to

    Davis - Obit

    Thomas Davis

    Thomas A. Davis, SMSgt USAF, Ret., 72, of Trenton, died Thursday, July 24, 2014 at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. He was born April 16, 1942 in Omaha, Nebraska. He was raised by his adoptive parents, James and Geneva Davis, nee Bryant, and they preceded him in death. Other precedents included a granddaughter, Hadley Witherow; father- and mother-in-law, Arnold and Odelia Trame, nee Sudholt; and a sister-in-law, Brenda Bonsall. He married Sandra Trame on April 22, 1978 at Scott Air Force Base, and she survives at home. Also surviving are his children, Margaret Davis of Boulder, Colorado, Leah (Sean) Witherow of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Ashley (Jacob) Stokes of Nashville, Tennessee, and Tyler Davis of Trenton; five grandchildren, Quinn Davis, Hayes and Brier Witherow, and Benjamin and Vivianne Stokes; a brother, James Davis of California; step-sisters Margee Menell and Sher Cross, both of Los Angeles, California, and Teresa Roeder of Walnut Creek, California; sisters- and brothers-in-law Wanda (Phillip) Johnson of Livingston, Texas, and Deborah (Patrick) Peck of Trenton; brother-in-law Rick (Mary) Bonsall of Trenton; and nieces and nephews. SMSgt Davis retired from the United States Air Force who later worked as an over-the-road truck driver, and as an activity bus driver for the Wesclin School District. He was a member of the Trenton Nut House Club, Scott Air Force Base VFW Post 4183, and the Sugar Creek Lookingglass Sportsman Club. There was a Memorial Visitation Monday at Moss Funeral Home in Trenton. Memorials to the family will be received through the funeral home.

    Condolences to

    Pier - Obit

    Regine Pier

    Regine "Jean" M. Pier, nee Mersinger, 87, of Lebanon died Sunday, July 20, 2014 at Countryside Manor in Aviston. She was born in Lebanon, on March 12, 1927. Her husband, Duane E. Pier, preceded her in death. Surviving are her six children, Michael (Rhonda Robinson) of San Clemente, California, John (Diana) of  Round Rock, Texas, Mary  (Roger) Keys of DeKalb, Ann (Mark Wakeford) of Lebanon, James (Lisa) of Lebanon, and Jane (Joe) Bristow of Geneva; 16 grandchildren, and 13 great grandchildren. Mrs. Pier was an accomplished pianist who enjoyed teaching piano to beginners. She studied music and organ at McKendree College and Washington University. She was a life-long member of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Lebanon, and served as organist there for over sixty years. She was secretary of the Lebanon library board for twenty years, a docent at the Lebanon Visitors Center, and volunteered her musical talent to a multitude of programs for various local organizations. Later in her life, she enjoyed meeting and getting to know others by doing local and regional field research for the US Census Bureau and several national companies. The funeral was Saturday from St. Joseph Catholic Church in Lebanon, arrangements by Wolfersberger Funeral Home, O'Fallon. Interment St. Joseph Cemetery. Masses or memorials to St. Joseph Catholic Church in Lebanon, Lebanon Community Library, or the charity of the donor's choice.

    Condolences to

    Wobbe - Obit

    Victor Wobbe

    Victor J. "Vic" Wobbe, 93, of Trenton, died Wednesday July 23, 2014 at Country Side Manor in Aviston. He was born in Albers on January 16, 1921, son of Nicholas and Sophia Wobbe, nee Albers, and they preceded him in death. Other precedents included a son, Bernard Wobbe, in infancy; brothers and sisters and their spouses Frank and Elsie Wobbe, Catherine and Al Jansen, Aloys and Velma Wobbe, Herman and Louise Wobbe, Alvin Wobbe, Ann and Everett Anderson; and brothers-in-law, Raymond Junghans and Joseph Unger. He married Betty Junghans September 25, 1946 at St. George Catholic Church, New Baden, and she died July 17, 2013. Mr. Wobbe is survived by his children, Bonnie (Dennis) Dalke of Millstadt, Joseph (Nancy) Wobbe of Trenton, Gene (Brenda) Wobbe of Trenton, Jerry (Susan) Wobbe of O'Fallon, Barb (Larry) Olliges of Naperville, and Beth (Gordon "Skip") Steck of Frankfort; 13 grandchildren, Brent (Jill) Dalke, Jessica (Bryan) Pancich, Nicole (Justin) Hodgson, Laura (Stuart) Knuf, Melisa (Derek) Weh, Brandon (girl friend Erica) Wobbe, Larkin Wobbe, Tyler Wobbe, Ryan Olliges, Jill Olliges, Savanna Steck, Sabrina Steck, and Mitchell Steck; nine great grandchildren, Bauer, Isabelle, Gabrielle, and Victor Dalke, Gavin and Ryan Hodgson, Parker and Hayden Knuf, and Camden Weh; brothers Vincent "Butch" (Mary Jane) Wobbe of Belleville, and Robert (Frieda) Wobbe of Caseyville; sisters-in-law Shirley Unger of St. Louis and Frances Wobbe of Atlanta Georgia; and a brother-in-law, Dale (Georgia) Junghans of St. Louis. Mr. Wobbe retired from carpentry and farming. He was a Navy Veteran of World War II. He enjoyed golfing, and was an avid card player. He was instrumental in the building of the existing Trenton Fire Station. He was a member of St. Mary Catholic Church and Men's Holy Name Society, Trenton VFW Post 7983, Aviston American Legion Post 1239, Trenton Knights of Columbus Council 2932, Carpenter Local 480 in Freeburg, Trenton Nut House Club, a past trustee of Sugar Creek Fire District, and Honorary Mayor of Crackerneck Road. The funeral was Monday from St. Mary Catholic Church, Father Joseph Rascher officiating. Interment St. Mary Cemetery. Memorials to Alzheimer's Association, American Macular Degeneration Foundation, or Sugar Creek Fire Protection District will be received through Moss Funeral Home.

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    Falbe - Obit

    Marilyn Falbe

    Marilyn Alice Falbe, 81, of Maryville and formerly of Fairview Heights, died Sunday, July 27, 2014 at Rosewood Care Center in Edwardsville. She was born March 6, 1933 in Highland, daughter of Erwin and Alice Mueller, nee Baker, and they preceded her in death. She married Paul Martin Falbe on August 30, 1952 in Trenton, Illinois and he survives. In addition to her beloved husband of 62 years, she is survived by five children and their spouses, William Falbe of Belleville, Steven and Michele Falbe of St. Jacob, Mary and Jeffrey Burdell of Arnold, Missouri, Carol and Ronald Pour of Greenwood, Indiana and Paul J. and Marianne Falbe of Maryville; nine grandchildren, Brad Burdell (and fiancι Megan Williams) of St. Charles, Missouri, Todd (Nicole) Burdell of Imperial, Missouri, Nicole (Keith) Palmer of Indianapolis, Indiana, Eric Falbe of Granite City, Allison Falbe (and fiancι Patrick Dorste) of Maryville, Emily Falbe, Paul V. Falbe, Anna Falbe and Matthew Falbe, all of Maryville; five great grandchildren, Gavin Raber, Lucia Marilyn Palmer, Addalyn Burdell, Bodhi Burdell and Luka Williams; two sisters, Evelyn Bugger of Highland and Eileen Fohne of Collinsville; four sisters-in-law, Virginia Eikelmann of St. Louis, Bernice (Ardell) Kombrink of Belleville, Margaret (Robert) Rowen of Lebanon, and Lucille Bosse of St. Louis; other extended family and friends. Mrs. Falbe was a faithful member of Mother of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Maryville and had been a member of the St. Ann Altar Society and the A.L.S. Association. She enjoyed her days of sewing and gardening and had a special love for flowers. She cherished her grandchildren and great grandchildren and will be remembered for the love and special times shared with her family and friends. The funeral was this morning from Mother of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Maryville, Father Joseph Havrilka and Father John Beveridge as celebrants. Burial at Lake View Memorial Gardens in Fairview Heights. Memorials to St. Jude Children's Hospital or the A.L.S. Association will be accepted through Irwin Chapel, 591 Glen Crossing Road, Glen Carbon.

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