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  • Letter To The Editor

  • Letter To The Editor

    Letter To The Editor: President's executive order mocks those who acquired citizenship legally, says reader

    Mr. President,

    I want a refund. I just heard that you have granted amnesty for thousands of ILLEGAL immigrants. Amnesty. How kind of you. I'd like to get this clear in my mind to make sure I understand correctly. So, people can just come across the border, set up house, not pay taxes, get free healthcare and other government benefits and it's all okay? No harm, no foul? You are the President of the United States so you obviously know what illegal means. I thought I did too. I must have been mistaken. I feel pretty silly now. I and my family spent YEARS filling out paperwork, waiting our time, having to prove we would not be a burden on the system of the U.S. and could pay our own way. Then, we finally got approved to get our "green cards." We moved to the U.S. and upheld our part of the deal. I spent over 30 years living legally in the US, working and paying my taxes and obeying all the laws of the land. You know, being legal and all. Then I decided that I really wanted to become a citizen so I could vote. Silly me. What was I thinking? I could have been doing that all along, illegally, of course, but since that word has been redefined, that wouldn't matter, right? I would not have to show ID anyway and who would question this English-speaking white girl. Everyone has always assumed I was an American all along. What an idiot I was worrying about doing something "illegal." But I was naive and I studied for months and months, submitted my paper work and my $700 check and I waited. And I waited. And I waited. I finally got my appointment to take my test for my American citizenship. I was very excited and prepared, but then a snow storm happened the day before my test and it was cancelled. So I waited and waited again, to be rescheduled. Months went by. I finally got another appointment and I went in to test. I was so nervous and excited. I was asked five questions. Just five. I was even asked if I wanted to take the test in another language. How thoughtful, but silly me, I thought English was the language spoken here. Look how wrong I've been all this time. About so many things. I passed the test, of course, being as I know more about the United States than 90% of the people born here. I educate myself on politics and current events. I know the names of my senators and other governing officials, how many years a president serves, how many Supreme Court justices there are, etc, etc. I'm just a model of the perfect little immigrant. Except I'm feeling really, really stupid. I did all that, and then went to my swearing in. It was a big deal so I took my family, taking my teenager out of school to see this momentous occasion. There were people from so many countries there swearing in with me. They were bursting with pride and were dressed up like it was the most important day of their lives. They had spent more money than I had because most did not speak English as a first language and did not practically grow up in the U.S., knowing its culture like I had. They spent THOUSANDS of dollars to become an American. They happily turned in their green cards and passports from their birth countries, renounced their place of birth and pledged their loyalty to the U.S. They burst into tears as they introduced themselves and were overcome with emotion when they were pronounced "American citizen." We did everything the right way. What you have done has made a mockery of us. You have slapped each of us in the face with your "executive order" allowing criminals the exact same rights as we acquired legally and at great expense, and in some cases, great personal sacrifice. So, we want a refund. At the very least. And an apology. I think you owe us that.

    Cherie L. Hill,
    New Baden

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